Fostering a brighter future for families


Foster carers come from all different backgrounds and all types of families.Most importantly, our carers ....


Our Moving on Program takes referrals from Child Safety Services for young people over 15 years old .....


Many children and young people enter Foster care as a result of abuse and neglect. Our Kennerley Foster carers open their hearts .....

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Opening your heart and your home brings many rewards. More than you can imagine...

From the earliest beginnings of white settlement in Australia children and young people have experienced abandonment and neglect....

Volunteers – Many people want to give back to their communities....

Being part of a family, or making a difference is something we all aspire to do....

At Kennerley our foster carers can:

  • be single or have a partner
  • be same sex couples
  • have children of their own or not
  • own or rent their home
  • work, stay at home, study or be retired
  • be from any culture or religion
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Latest News

  • Child safe organisations

    5, March, 2017

    Thanks to all the carers and young people and staff that joined up for our Child safe Organisation training on 30th May 2017. It was great to get to audit our systems and experience first hand how we can as a community make sure that the opinions and voices of young people are given traction in our everyday practice. We recently invited a young person onto our staff recruitment panel, and will be announcing our new Young Ambassador for 2017.

  • Kennerely launches Young Ambassador Program

    5, March, 2017

  • Check out our new TV campaign

    5, March, 2017